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Advantages of Flexible aluminum modular system
Manufacturer of table top conveyor chains,multiflex conveyor chains and plastic modular belts   2015-08-10 06:50:35 Author:SystemMaster Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

Flexible chain conveyor is a light conveying system, with aluminum frame, thermoplastic  conveyor chain. For the standard modular design, this type of system with features of :flexible, light, simple installation,stability,compact,quiet, without pollution, could be used in the field of high automatic , sanitary requirements, impact factory. 

Product specifications:

1 width: 44mm 63mm 83mm 103mm 130mm 140mm 175mm

2 maximum transmission length of a single drive head: 25 m

3 working temperature: -20 ~ 60

4 maximum transmission speed: 50 m / min

5 material bar distance: 25.4mm/33.5mm/38.1mm

6 minimum turning radius: 150mm


1 clean: the whole conveyor line is made of white high capacity engineering plastic chain, and  aluminum which surface  anodic oxidated.  The chain plate is white, the equipment is running without lubrication, and without periodic maintenance, will not be corroded, composite GMP specification

2 quiet: the device running voice is less than 30Db

. Smart: by the arbitrary disassembly and assembly, transport system with elastic, with different radius of vertical and horizontal curve can be made arbitrarily in the 3D space transportation products, and can adjust anytime according to the production status of your

4 simple: the entire line is not required to install with special tools, simply by the use of manual tools can be completed by a single basic disassembly

5 stability: stable performance can be guaranteed by the delivery of product does not occur in the process of conveying and fall over

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