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The use of plastic modular belts and chains is one of the most promising areas.
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The use of plastic modular belts and chains is one of the most promising areas.

A wide range of materials: polypropylene, acetal, polyethylene, nylon, stainless steel allows operation at high differential temperature: -70 C to +430 C. Polymeric materials are produced with various additives, significantly reducing friction and / or increase the wear resistance and impact resistance, which significantly increases the life of tape / circuit.
Excellent resistance to any aggressive substances and fats.

Available with hooks, beads, stops rising, anti-skid inserts. Several types of ribbon can be used on rotary conveyors, and used in the manufacture of spiral coolers. Modular belts and chains have excellent maintainability - just changing the damaged piece (within five minutes), but not the tape itself, unlike classic.
Along with stars and ribbons are available guides that can simplify installation.

Below are the most common types of modular belts. For more information, please contact us and we will find the best option for you.

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